Cetus Digital

Cetus Digital, is a prominent software engineering company based in Minnesota, USA, established in 2021 which has gained recognition for its innovative and high-quality software solutions. The company’s key strengths and focus areas include cutting-edge technology, government solutions, security and data protection, financial and banking solutions, and healthcare solutions. Cetus Digital’s corporate culture is characterized by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical business practices. They have received awards and recognition for their contributions to the software industry and are known for their global presence, partnering with governments and organizations worldwide. Cetus Digital has left a significant impact on the software industry in both USA and Bangladesh, particularly in the Telehealth , Remote Patient Monitor, Patient Engagement, Digital Health, Healthcare Innovation, AI, ML, NLP and Emerging Technologies.


WebAble Digital

WebAble Digital is a renowned software engineering company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established in 2003. With a global presence and a diverse team of skilled professionals, WebAble Digital specializes in software development, mobile applications, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Known for its focus on security and privacy, the company delivers innovative solutions for identity management and biometrics. They collaborate closely with clients, ensuring tailored software solutions to meet specific needs. WebAble Digital has a history of impactful projects, including e-governance initiatives and public service digitization. They emphasize quality assurance, receiving recognition for their excellence in the industry. While facing challenges typical of the software industry, WebAble Digital’s commitment to innovation positions them for continued growth and contributions to Bangladesh’s software engineering landscape.


Krios Info Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

Krios Info Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. is an IT services and product company based on Pune, India, established in 2016, provides a wide range of offerings, including IT advisory, platform services, engineering design services, and industry-specific solutions. They work with enterprise clients, independent software vendors (ISVs), IT services companies, and consulting firms. Krios specializes in key technologies such as SAP, Salesforce, Java & MuleSoft, Microsoft, and analytics. With four delivery centers located in Pune, Nashik, the USA, Netherlands, and Australia, and a team of over 300 technology experts, they offer global reach and expertise. Collaboration areas encompass talent digital consulting, POD engagement, managed services, offshore/offsite development centers, and the Krios Trailblazer Program (KTP). Additionally, Krios has partnerships with several companies, enhancing their capabilities and services through strategic collaborations.


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