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Hydrus Digital is a US-Bangladesh technology venture – an affiliate of Cetus Digital & WebAble Digital providing technology, software engineering, product engineering and digital marketing offerings and services through its dedicated network of leading engineering resources to the world. Our experts are hired by top corporations for their product and software engineering initiatives. 

Our Services

Integrated Solution Development

Solving a particular problem often requires an integrated approach to design thinking combining hardware and software. Hydrus offers an impressive network of partners and affiliate companies to curate and create cost-effective solutions. 

Offshore Software Engineering

For any company big or small, that is struggling with digital transformation and has experienced recent success working remotely, Hydrus Digital Offshore Software Engineering is a fresh return to offshore supplemental staffing unlike the big traditional offshore vendor options, Hydrus Digital Remote Solutions is lean, affordable, transparent, flexible, sustainable and really easy to work with.

Cloud Transformation

For companies wanting to take full advantage of Cloud technologies, that are spending too much of their time enhancing and supporting legacy applications and dated technology, Hydrus Digital is a way to begin or accelerate that journey unlike partnering with the big traditional offshore vendor options, Hydrus Digital is small, flexible and based on decades of software development experience, ready to size up the need and jump start onboarding and recruiting.

We’re lean, affordable, transparent and really easy to work with. We can adapt and fit in regardless of your agile or cloud maturity.

Product Management

For companies big or small or other digital solution providers that lack Product Management talent, experience or maturity, Hydrus Digital Product Management Consulting is a great way to assess the current state of a company’s digital transformation journey unlike other consulting services, Hydrus Digital Product Management Consulting focuses on discovery, not just agile delivery. Helping make sure what is being planned or even in the process of being built will delight end users.

Digital Marketing & Communications

Our Digital Marketing offering is a full-service digital marketing solution specializing in social, local, and content marketing. With a specialized team of creative & media professionals, we specialize in creating a seamless collaboration process emphasizing aesthetics and analytics. We know how to be scalable, while remaining agile & adaptive to the latest marketing insights and technology.

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